Technology - Whole House

Listen to your favorite music everywhere.

Music enhances the ambience in your home, from a Saturday night party to a tranquil Sunday morning. With a music server and whole house audio system, Senseworks will help you re-connect with the music you love.

Our designs enable everyone in your home to spend more time listening to their favorite music. Easily navigate through albums, playlists, and radio stations using intuitive remotes and touchscreens. Create your own listening experience in any room - even outdoors.

What is distributed audio?

A distributed audio system allows you to listen to your favorite music all over your home so that you no longer have to crank up the stereo in one room just to be able hear music while working in the kitchen or entertaining guests in the dining room. There are two major types of distributed audio systems.



SINGLE SOURCE DISTRIBUTION - With this type of system, each listening area typically has a set of speakers (ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or external) and a volume knob. Source components, such as AM/FM or satellite radio tuners and CD players, are connected to a single amplifier with enough power to send audio to all or any of the speakers in the house. The main limitation with this type of system is that only one source component can be broadcast throughout the house at a time. So once you choose to listen to a particular radio station or CD, you are stuck listening to that same CD or radio station in every listening area.

MATRIX DISTRIBUTION - A matrix audio distribution includes the integration of an advanced switcher that allows you to listen to different audio sources in each of the different listening areas in the house. So one person can be listening to a favorite CD in the kitchen while someone else is listening to FM radio in his/her bedroom, and someone else is listening to XM® or Sirius® satellite radio on the back deck. Conveniently located keypads or custom programmed remote controls allow you to skip tracks, change stations, or completely change what you are listening to with the push of a button. All of this is happening while the components are sitting out of sight in a closet or cabinet!

Video Distribution

Video distribution works in the same way that audio distribution works to create a complete distributed audio & video system. Whenever you choose to listen to a source that also has associated video, such as a DVD Player, Cable Box, or DirecTV box, the TV will automatically turn on and display the video. All you need to do is push a single button! See the remote control section to learn how Senseworks uses custom programmed remotes to give you complete control over your audio and video components from anywhere in the house.