Technology - Remote Control

Wouldn't it be nice if you had one remote control that did everything?

The idea of a "universal" remote that controls mulitple components by mimicking the manufacturer remotes has been around for many years. Senseworks offers the latest in remote control technology.

A custom programmed touchpad interface allows easy navigation and control of multiple components. Macro commands allow for quick links to favorite television channels, CDs, movies, and whole-house settings. Imagine how nice it would be to press one button that turns on the TV, switches it to the correct input, turns on the amplifier, switches it to the correct input, automatically displays your favorite cable station, lowers the shades, and dims the lights. That's the kind of detail and convenience Senseworks aims to provide. RF (radio frequency) technology allows our remote controls to operate without any directionality. That means you don't need to point the remote at any specific device in order to control your home. Once you use one of these custom program remotes, you will not believe that you ever messed with all of those different manufacturer supplied remotes.


Waterproof floating remote for source selection and navigation while relaxing in the jacuzzi.  This remote is also ideal for use in bathrooms and outdoor areas.